Mr. Greenway, Ray Irvin, to Help Build National Bicycle Greenway!!


Ray Irvin (podcast interview with Martin Krieg and pictured at left above with NBG TransAm Scout, Scott Campbell), the man who transformed the state of Indiana through many elected official cycles, with  hundreds of miles of Greenways while also  grooming greenway managers and  executives all over America, wants  to help me build the National Bicycle Greenway! A hugely accomplished man, Ray and I have been talking by phone and email the last few weeks. We have been discussing the five-year time-line he foresees for making the route we now have on line into the coast-to-coast multi-use bikeway that will also be fed by greenway arterials from all the states in the Union.

With infectious enthusiasm, Ray wins at everything he does because he wants for everyone to win with him.  From being a Captain in the Marines and now the the Coast Gaurd,  a city councilllor, and the founder of the much emulated Indy Greenways, to his also being an  airplane pilot, FAA licensed A&P mechanic and  big-rig truck driver, he knows how to inspire people to act. This as he  also knows how to lead by example; how  to roll up his sleeves and get  down to the nitty gritty.

Toward that end, Ray wants to tour all the  State Houses  in the lower 48, rallying support from bike, environmental, health care, fitness, equestrian and service clubs, etc, for an inter-connected Greenway network that feeds our San Francisco to Washington, DC connection. If that’s not enough, we are hoping that we will also be able to pay  his marketing powerhouse wife, who will be travelling with him, enough money to have the full attention of the consulting work she does. A former adjunct professor of marketing at Indiana University, on a free-lance basis, she now coaches businesses on how to maximise the bang they get for their marketing buck.

With this new breakthrough, my Eagle ride across America will have maximal impact for the National Bicycle Greenway. Not only will it advertise our main coast-to-coast route, but i will be joined by the daily day-rides Ray’s bus tour will also have recruited cyclists  for to expand the reach and influence of what will be a festive and exciting journey. This as the Busycle rides at the State Houses and Mayprs’ Ride city halls along the way also capture the imagination and attention of an America looking for ways to clean up our transportation habits as we build community and just have good, healthy fun.

Nor can Ray wait to get to work. He looks forward to following in the footsteps of another great Hoosier who changed the way this country moves about. Carl Fischer, the man who led the charge for the first coast-to-coast road that would go on to change the landscape of America, the Lincoln Highway, first built the world famous Indy 500 motor-raceway before he turned his attention to the rest of the Nation. Just as the Brickyard still  endures as a rallying point for motor enthusiasts, we look forward to the day soon ahead when the example Ray has set with  Indy Greenways also becomes a national phenomena that changes the way we recreate, commute and exercise. !!

Ray  and I tossed around a lot of ideas for how we can get his position funded. Excited about his ability to deliver I can’t wait to start looking for ways to get Ray’s plan underwritten.

Thx 4 all of U!!

– btw. The legendary cyclist, Steve Stevens, who is helping me route bike riders across Utah and CO, has proposed an alternative to Trairidge over the Rockies  which is open only during the summer. As such, ours will be a national connection open year round!!


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