NBG SF to DC Map Progress | Eagle in Irish Colors

Per the overview map below, in synthesizing all the notes our NBG Scouts have compiled since 2002, our National Bicycle Greenway coast-to-coast route will soon be available on line! While this would have been possible with the maps we used to run at our site, the resources needed for maintenance and upkeep would have continued to draw away from the National Bicycle Greenway effort itself. As such, Google’s map creation feature has evolved enough to make this a job that can be done  with a lot less man power. 


Each of the NBG Mayors’ Ride city stops below will have a link that details how to get to it from the previous Mayors’ Ride city. In addition, the intra state detail will also be flagged with the  those history and vision excerpts from “How American Can Bike and Grow Rich, the NBG Manifesto“, that are applicable to those parts of the map through which the route passes.


Inline image 1


Not a good idea to stop cycle tourists from Germany outside of a bar. I wanted to find out about their recumbents and their ride, but everyone in the pub, having seen my picture in the paper, wanted to talk to me.


I was dressed in the County Mayo, Ireland colors for a Gaelic football game on Sunday…



btw: The 2014 Mayors’ Ride will introduce the West Coast Greenway to the world. Seattle and San Diego and all the major cities in between will all converge on San Francisco. In 2015 (or 2016), it is our hope that this ride will be replicated as a two-week prelude to my  ride from San Francisco to Washington DC on the Eagle.


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