Indy Greenways Cutting Edge Interactive Map – Mr Greenway Podcast

In the research I am doing for “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich”, as I go about the task of detailing the actual coast to coast National Bicycle Greenway  route, I came across this interactive Google map of the Indy Greenways network of trails! With so many exciting things going on there in Indianapolis with regards to trails, especially in their work with the local universities,  this cutting edge piece of internet technology likely seemed unremarkable to them. As such, it needs a bigger audience. In such a way, more of the nation and the world can see what is taking place in what has become the center of the Greenway universe. 
Here is the last biking report we have on file for Indianapolis before the economy crashed in 2009 taking a lot of their forward momentum with it. Not to mention the loss of of Mr Greenway himself, Ray Irvin, whose podcast that we did with him in 2006 is a visionary piece of work even today:


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