New Report: Biking Trail Projects Create More Jobs Than Highway Work


According to this??story at ??the Pottstown Patch, there is a new report by the Rail to Trails Conservancy which demonstrates that ??biking trail projects create more jobs than highway work. Jobs, as I talk about in the book I am fine tuning,??"How America Can Bike and Grow Rich", that cannot be exported.??


In addition to the above story about trails and jobs, many other exciting conclusions about the future of biking in America, are also being drawn from the amazing study that Susie Stephens's Thunderhead Alliance, now the Alliance for Walking and Biking, recently started distributing to the media. The result of thousands of man hours and hundreds of contributors from all over America, a worthy number of whom we've worked with over the years, HERE is their study??(brace yourself, this 242 page web document wants a lot of processor power)!!

?? ????THX 4 all of U!!??

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