The All New Better World Club Busycle Tour of America SOON!


The Better World Club, suitably based in Portland, OR, one of the top bike cities in the Nation, just came on as the main sponsor for our soon upcoming Busycle Mayors’ Ride Tour of America. In fact, we feel so aligned with their support that we are renaming our campaign to communicate what  this exciting development can mean for cyclists everywhere. Toward that end, from now on, we will refer to our 9th annual and first ever Fall Mayors’ Ride as the The Better World Club Busycle Tour of America

Since 2002, Better World has legitimized the efforts of cyclists by giving bike riders the same tools car drivers enjoy. With their 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, for example, you can go anywhere on your pedal machine knowing that should you break down, help is always there. 

Nor do you have to own a car to be a Better World Club member. Should you be Car Free or elect to only cover your pedaling  efforts, besides your being looked after on the road, Bike Only members also get automatic membership in the League of American Cyclists. And it is here that if you travel with your bike, you can get discounts on hotels and car rental. All this not to mention all the other League benefits that include discounts on bike gear, services, tours and etc. If that’s not enough, besides BW’s celebrated publication, “Kicking Asphalt” (August 2011 issue), you also get a subscription to the League’s “American Bicyclist” magazine and to  its yearly “Almanac”.

Better World goes well beyond its support of cyclists to be the only earth friendly alternative to AAA. If you book your travel at their site, for example, one dollar of every booking  goes to environmental cleanup and advocacy. Even if you want personal service and make your you purchase  through one of their agents, two carbon offsets are registered for each time you do so. Toward the end of helping you become a green citizen, from green lodging to sustainable dining and discounts on hybrid rental cars, etc, there is so much going on at their site, it could take days before you learn how they can genuinely help you make for this being a Better World!!

Look for a whole lot more here about the Better World Club (including a podcast about one of their founders, the famous TV game show contestant who used his winnings to become a lawyer, help Nader in his seminal work healing the planet and start the Working Assets Mutual Fund, etc), and how they are helping us make the National Bicycle Greenway  real. But here in the immediate, there is much work to be done to build them in to our SOON upcoming Better World Club Busycle Tour of America!

Our Show hits the road to DC  next week!!


               THX 4 all of U!! 



        Powered by Better World Club    




                Martin & Virginia Krieg

       Martin Krieg  Author “Awake Again

  ’79 TransCon upright ’86 TransCon ‘bent

           ’09 Eagle SF to Salt Lake City 


2012 w/”How America (and Ireland) Can Bike & Grow Rich

      Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor  

     NBG Founding Director, HiWheel Cyclist

     Riding only active Eagle in world 

  NBG Meeting with Ireland President





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