Don/Shawn Power | Busycle at Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square!!

In Palo Alto, John E Cabrera hit another home run for our upcoming Bus/Busycle tour. Since it was JohnE who bought the bus for our National Bicycle Greenway effort, he became the go to guy when I tried to insure it and renew the registration from over here in Ireland. Since I hadn’t expected  to be here for more than a few months when I came here a year ago now, I needed him for the paperwork that these two agencies required. THX so much  JohnE. We love you guy!
This as Shawn Raymond and Don Armstrong keep pulling rabbits out of the hat also in Palo Alto. Before Virginia, Cayo and I get to Park Automotive, where Don has been minding the bus, it will be outfitted with the tow hitch that he and Shawn will have mounted to it. And thanks to Shawn’s genius the Busycle itself will not be rolled on to a trailer, but will become one with the clever tow dolly he is engineering for the front wheels.
As the coast to coast operation that our annual Mayors’ Rides have been for almost a decade now, our volunteers feel so committed to our effort that even if they relocate to other states, they always check in with us to see if there is some way they can help in their new city. Toward that end, Critical Chris is ready to make  news for us once again! While some of you may remember him from the rides he’s done for us in Oakland, he is going to help us 3000 miles away in Washington DC in a few weeks time now!!


A man burning with bicycle passion, Chris, a UCI licensed bike mechanic, is now pedaling bicycle taxis in the Nation’s Capital while he learns the advocacy layout of this new two wheel turf, Chris wants to enmesh himself in the kind of work that influences how a lot of other American cities structure their pedaling policies. Well before we get to the driver’s seat of US government, Chris will have circulated news of our Busycle demo at BicycleSPACE and the historic Harrington Hotel to people far and wide. And it will be the spotters and other escorts Chris brings along that will make sure our Busycle will also travel safely and conspicuously when we collect the 2011 Washington DC NBG Day proclamation from Mayor Vincent Gray!!
Hundreds of proclamations later, Washington, DC is where we collected out very first Mayors’ Ride proclamation per the following:
For those of you who missed it,with 15 days until our 9th annual National Mayors’ Ride leaves the epic Doubletree at the Berkeley Marina  on Saturday 9/17, we signed on the last of the luxury  hotel properties that will be helping us showcase the joy invoking Busycle for all of America to see! Looking forward to meeting up with her Irish ancestry, when we come through next June with Emerald Isle cyclists, Shannon McCurdy successfully waded through the meetings and other parts of the permit process required by the rail station people with whom they contract for space for their cars. Because of her tenacity, on Saturday October 1, Busyclists will now be able to enjoy the stunning Pittsburgh skyline from the parking lot of the Steel City’s  only riverfront hotel, the Sheraton at Station Square



Look for exciting details soon.


In other news, we expect to be able to soon announce a new sponsor for our ride! From the last time you saw us in here, when we offered the Busycle banner for sale, we are narrowing down all the offers of interest  that have come our way. We know who we want to appear as the lead advertiser because it could produce a lot of momentum for our National Bicycle Greenway  effort, but we will have to see if we can agree to the terms we have set forth. Keep an eye on this space for a possible huge shift in consciousness for cyclists everywhere!!


          THX 4 all of U!!


btw: In case any of you are wondering, while I am still rolling it pretty hard here in Ireland, all the excitement of getting the last minute details together for our  epic prologue is keeping me from keeping the training blog of my rides here in the Land of Leprechauns  current….

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