Historic DC Hotel to Receive End of Busycle Tour!!

The historic Harrington Hotel, built in 1914, a lodging purveyor that, among other claims to fame, in 1938 became  the Capitol’s first air conditioned hotel, just signed on as a sponsor of our ride. A family owned business, its 240 rooms have  fallen  under the guidance of the same person for the last 25 years. And it was this gracious woman, Anne Terry, who saw the quality of life message  that Busycle rides at her hotel represent when she came on as a sponsor of our event in Washington DC. 

A night’s stay pretty much only for those travelers in the know, as they do little or no advertising, they were recommended to me by Phil Koopman of BicycleSPACE who you just saw me talk about in here! Can’t wait to line out all the exciting details for our last Busycle day on the 2011 road. 

Then it’s on to building Irish cyclists into our 2012 ride. THX to Global Cyclist’s Exchange Board member, Craig Calfee, of Calfee Design, GCE might even be able to host a few Irish bike riders interested in learning about California Central Coast cycling before they then hit the road for us!  So much excitement. So much going on all at once!!!

            THX 4 all of U!! 

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