2012 NBG Busycle Tour of America to End at Former Truck Repair Depot

Our upcoming Busycle Tour of America will end at probably one of the hottest bike spots in all of Washington, DC, if not America. Tucked away in a quiet but central area, one mile from the US Capitol, BicycleSPACE will be hosting our Busycle with demonstration rides when we end this year’s campaign! And it is here that the long business relationship I have had with owner, Phil Koopman, is paying off. A legend in cycling local to the center of US government, Phil has been working with me on Mayors’ Rides since 2000, when the city he lives in, Mount Rainier, right next to the Capitol, hosted our much celebrated Cycle America 2000 event. In fact, this was the same event that the legendary Steve Stevens, who is hosting this year’s Golden/Denver reception, led the ride for after successfully setting the world speed record for crossing America on a HiWHeel in 29 days!!

Consistent with the recycled phenomena that our Busycle has become, if you go to the BicycleSPACE web site, you will see how they transformed an entire area by refurbishing an abandoned truck repair depot for their business activities. And in doing so, Phil has led the charge for a movement that is far more than a bike shop. From yoga classes, to cupcake rambles, maintenance classes and bicycle socials, etc. they have become a huge part in growing the local bicycle lifestyle.


If you want to see more of what BicycleSPACE is all about, read this from their web site:

The building was recast into a facility dedicated to servicing and promoting a form of transportation that better suits the city and times.  And, a motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced staff was assembled to aptly serve the urban core—those that use bicycles for transportation and for work as well as those who love to ride in and around the city for fun, exercise or competition.   In so doing, the primary mission was to bring people together and promote social involvement through the common appeal of cycling. As a cornerstone for the store’s outreach, we support an all-inclusive club that encourages people to take part in rides, advocacy efforts, and other group events.

As soon as Phil and his partner and I dial in all the details, we’ll be able to get you the specifics. But for now, do know that our NBG Busycle Tour of America ends at what I feel is an awesome example of what a bike shop can be!!

           THX 4 all of U!! 

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