NBG Fall Bus-Busycle 30 Day Exciting Countdown Begins

With 30 days and counting until our Fall Busycle Mayors’ Ride hits the road, we are crossing the ‘t’s’ and dotting the ‘i’s’ that will produce the exciting result we expect. For example, we just got the needed parking lot approvals for two spectacular hotel properties. 

In Salt Lake City, we just finalized the striking University Park Hotel where their staff is excited for us to come. Besides Busycle rides, since they work a lot with the nearby University of Utah, they have also suggested the hospital there as a speaking venue for my “Awake Again” book. We’ll see what develops!

We also lined things out with the scintillating Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. Soon now that Clyde Jeffries there has helped us get the approvals we need for our two machines at his property, we can start fleshing the River City program out. Jason Reser of Reser Bicycles, who you have seen us talk about before in here with the podcast he and I did, will be sending a ride from his shop in Newport, Kentucky, on the other side of the Ohio River to the hotel. And with the help of power cyclist and Voice of Cincinnati, Rob Currans, as well as Mayors’ Ride logo artist, Jeff Reser, we will also exchange with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory!
This as Kathy Schubert, in Chicago, is working thru the approval process that will hopefully find our Busycle soon pedaling down one of the Windy City’s main streets. This after we honor Mr Letter, our bus logo fabricator, with an afternoon of demo rides at the Hyatt Regency in his nearby city of Schaumburg, 

We have also finalized a schedule for Golden where, with the help of cyclist mayor Jacob Smith, the legendary HiWheel cyclist, Steve Stevens, will be receiving Boulder and Denver cyclists with a tour of his Golden Oldy Bike Museum along with a solar fired gourmet meal. 

In Indianapolis officials  are hoping  to  get their Mayor, Greg Ballard to ride our Busycle before the Broad Ripple Ice Cream station then sends it down the Monan Bike Trail for a short spin filed with dignitaries as the press follows not far behind.

Skipping around even more, at the Berkeley Marina where our trip east will begin in earnest, we are hoping to add more starting points to the rides Tom Ayers and Ron Bishop are bringing to the Busycle demos at the Berkeley Marina Doubletree. It is here that Emeryville city officials have expressed interest as have the people from the island of Alameda and even the Waterside Workshop located adjacent to the epic bike bridge that crosses I-80. 

Nor are Mike Damon and Jeff Moser, in Reno sitting on their hands. While Jeff is bringing a ride in to Harrahs where under the famous Reno Arch our Busycle will be in action, from Carson City,  Mike has also been busy. Besides alerting the Reno Bike Project people and other local cyclists, he has also been busy plotting out a route that will offer a mini tour of Reno on his group’s way to the Busycle at the Arch!

Even Colorado Springs  is coming on hard. At Kelvin Clark’s Angle Tech Cycle (aka Cycle Different), Allen Beauchamp and Al Brody are designing rides and lighting fires under all the two wheel locals to be at the Doubletree there that will be hosting our Busycle. 

Des Moines is coming on strong too. We are very close to being able to announce the Busycle rides that will be taking place at the city Botanical Garden with Mayor Cownie. But a few more details must be worked out before we can tell you about the rides and other possible sponsors, besides the spectacular Embassy Suites, this will involve. 

In America’s 15th largest city, Columbus, we also just identified a new possible starting point for our ride to the Courtyard Columbus, a Marriott property located a half hour bike ride from City Hall. Soon we will have news for you on that as well!! 

Which bring us to our last two cities where we still need turf for our Busycle, While we are very close to signing on a lodging/Busycle demo purveyor for  DC, Pittsburgh, in the interest of time, may get a pass this year. In the Steel City there are too many conventions at the end of September and very few hotels that meet our parking lot spec. We do have our fingers crossed, however.

Details at our schedule/scorecard 

So much happening – so much excitement!!

        THX 4 all of U!! 




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