Am River Ride to end at Folsom Cyclebration with Busycle


Afters years of hearing about each other, our annual ride from the State Capitol up the American River Parkway bicycle heaven (podcast link) finally ends at Northern California’s largest cycling event, the Folsom Cyclebration! Our first Fall Mayors’ Ride  on one of this Nation’s best examples of the perfect world National Bicycle Greenway we foresee, it will also now allow us to showcase how one city has been able to benefit from building worthy infrastructure for cyclists. Even though we will miss the Saturday main part of the event, its festival, we’ll still be there for the races! On Sunday 9/18 we will now be able to enjoy part of Folsom’s extensive network of bike trails on our way to the cycle contests that wrap this event up. 

Set to run all day – handcycle and two wheel speedsters from all over the state will be working their wheels several blocks from our host, the beautiful Folsom Garden Inn. We are still working out the details but those watching the speed chasers should be able to ride our Busycle  during breaks in the action.  


What coould be better? A cycle journey on America’s foremost bicycle pathway, the American River Parkway, to enjoying  just some of what Folsom has to offer,  to then being whisked away by our 15-person magic carpet, the Busycle?!

And that’s just one of the stops our Busycle tour of the nation will soon be making.  To keep abreast of the excitement ahead do keep an eye on our schedule/scorecard and also the entries we record at our blog !!

        THX 4 all of U!! 

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