Hyatt Regency Chicago/Schaumburg, Mr Letter, Rapid Transit to host Busycle Rides


The Hyatt Regency Chicago/Schaumburg tells us they will be delighted to let us use their parking lot on Tuesday Sep 27 for the Busycle rides they, Mr. Letter (aka Letters Unlimited) and Rapid Transit Cycle Shop are bringing to their city. Too exciting! We’ve yet to work out the details, but we look forward to a group ride coming from Rapid Transit to be part of the Busycle fun with a proclamation in support of the NBG from Chicago Mayor Rohm Emmanuel. Word also has it that Schaumburg Mayor Al Larson may also be there with a certificate from his village. As will a few of the principals from Mr Letter, the company that is beautifying our ‘rock star’ bus with all the handsome logo art that represents the many businesses that are supporting our effort


A recently remodeled 3.5 star hotel located 23 miles from Chicago City Hall, in the small suburb of Chicago called Schaumburg, this Hyatt pushes the comfort envelope to a high level. What may look neat and dignified though unassuming from the outside hides a nights stay that is all about comfort and spaciousness.  Its 470 attractively designed rooms are known to offer a wide open palatial feeling. Besides the amenities you would come to expect from such a lodging provider such as pools, WIFI and cable TV, they go one up with 42″ flat panel television, E-rooms with complimentary computers and a printer even an indoor lap pool to consider.  And  based upon my many dealings with their staff over the last month, I feel confident that they will help us  make the most of what the hotel has to offer  as they make  our stay the most memorable part of our visit to their piece of the Windy City. 




So very much to say as all of this develops so do be sure to watch this space as we finalize our exciting Busycle demo/lodging opportunities with  Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Cincinnati, Columbus  Pittsburgh and Washington, DC. 


Full steam ahead!


      THX 4 all of U!! 


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