Embassy Suites, a Des Moines Hotel Landmark to Showcase Busycle

One of the most  beautiful commercial business establishments in the city of Des Moines, even all of Iowa, has just signed on to help us excite Des Moines  with Busycle fever. This is because Embassy Suites knows the people who live in this important Midwestern  city love good wholesome fun as their generous smorgasbord  of recreational opportunities, including their broad expanse of trails and pathways serve to prove. It is toward this end that they want to expand our Busycle rides beyond their property to let us help them showcase some of the many trails that connect to the beautiful lodging they provide right next to City Hall. 


With the help of their green Mayor, Frank Cownie (listen to podcast interview with NBG), who has longed to ride our Busycle, we will likely find ourselves pedaling to some of the exciting destinations along the car-free River Walk pathways that are all connected to the hotel’s front door. These include the beautiful Iowa State Capitol building and grounds, the Iowa Events Center where concerts, conventions and sports tournaments fill the calendar, the 14-acre, stunning Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center, even Principal Park, the downtown home of their AAA baseball team . 


And talk about a destination worthy of resort status. Beyond cavernous, a 10,000 foot ballroom, augments an eight stories tall tropical atrium that most all of the 234 huge suites look down upon. This as views of the peaceful Des Moines River and the city’s impressive skyline capture one’s imagination when looking away from the hotel. Add amenities such as pools, exercise studios, and an award winning restaurant, etc,  and breaking free to be a part of the sights can’t help but be a challenge in and of itself. 


Come  9/26, however, the joy of the Busycle will be too impossible to resist. For more detail, see our 2011 Mayors’ Ride schedule/scorecard.


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