Indy Hilton Turns it on for Fall Busycle Author Tour

Things are really beginning to heat up in Indianapolis for our 9/28 Busycle  visit. The people at the beautiful Indianapolis Garden Inn NW are sponsoring the reception we look forward to doing with the Indy Greenway Foundation, Indy cyclists and the Indianapolis Mayor’s office. Besides room nights for our small crew, they are also setting aside space in the enormous parking lot that encircles their almost monolithic hotel  for demonstration rides on our 15-person excitement creator, the Busycle. 


Our event in Indianapolis promises to move a lot of energy. This is so because the businesses in this former Rust Belt city, and now the arguable center of the Greenway universe,  all know the power that dedicated through ways for people power have  to enrich people on many levels.  They know the ability their labyrinth of car free trails that go somewhere have to not only build community and improve one’s sense of well being, etc etc, but also what they can do to make cash registers ring.

Toward that end, in case you missed it, Ray Irvin, Mr Greenway and the catalyst for Indianapolis’s emergence as a Greenway leader, talks about the many benefits that accrue from Greenways  in this podcast that he and I did. Here is the transcription 

To see all the other locations and lodging purveyors with whom we have been able to confirm exhibition space for our Fall Busycle prelude to our 2012 Irish/USA Mayors’ Ride.  see our 2011 National Mayors’ Ride schedule/scorecard  HERE


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