Marriott to support Steve Stevens who riding again for NBG (11 years later)

Legendary Steve Stevens, the man who helped the NBG  usher in the millennium with Cycle America 2000 in Washington DC when he hiwheeled across America in a record shattering 29 days, wlll help us introduce the Busycle  to Denver and nearby Golden on Friday Sept 23. Helping to welcome Steve and our 15-person happiness machine will be the newly remodeled Denver Marriott West hotel complex located adjacent to the precedent setting National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Since the mission we are bringing to Golden is all about sustainability, we will surely explore ways we can involve the NREL for when our show arrives. 



In terms of a show, Steve will once again be blowing the same 1880 bicycle buglet he used (Hear Steve play Daisy Belle on his 1886 tenor tuba) when he led hundreds of cyclists from the US Capitol to our millennial festival  in nearby Mt Rainier, MD. When he brings a smaller group ride from Golden City Hall to the demonstration rides we will be giving at the Marriott, instead of a proclamation from the Washington DC mayor, this time he will arrive with one from Golden Mayor Jacob Smith. When he gets there Steve will be met by cyclists from Denver and the proclamation  they bring from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.


All this coming soon as we work out the details for an exciting Boulder the day before and an especially noteworthy Colorado Springs the day after. All this not to mention all the other electricity that we are developing for all the other cities on our upcoming Fall Tour of America


So much to tell you. So little time to do so. Too much fun ahead of all of us!!!


           THX 4 all of U!




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