Harrahs to Receive NBG Busycle under Reno Arch


The world famous Harrahs Hotel and Casino, a 950 room Reno landmark since 1937, is making way for Busycle demonstration rides on their Plaza, the adjacent Car Free part of Virginia St that falls under their jurisdiction. 


Under the brightly colored, historic Reno Arch (see also “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich” excerpt below) where 2,076 energy efficient LED light bulbs shine down on the top level musicians, farmers markets and other events they coordinate, on Monday Sept 19, our 15-person smile invoker will be busy introducing joy to this legendary desert metropolis. It will also be here that we receive the 2011 Reno NBG Day proclamation from Mayor Bob Cashell who piloted our Busycle when it came out to us from Boston in 2006. 


——–Reno Arch excerpt from HBGR————————————–
 It took another 12 years for the Lincoln to be 

paved over the Sierras but as it prepared for the influx of cars a 

new asphalt roadway  would bring, Reno began planning an 

exposition. Welcome arches were fashionable during the 1920’s, 

so the founding fathers commissioned an arch to be placed at the 

center of downtown, at Virginia and Commercial, a few blocks 

away from 4th Street  where the actual highway ran. It  read: 

 “Reno Nevada’s Transcontinental Highways Exposition, 

June 25-August 11, 1927″ 

Seven years later  the lettering was changed to read, 

“The Biggest Little City in the World”

A world famous slogan, Reno still  greets its downtown visitors 

with this catchphrase even today. 




As a prelude to the 2012 Mayors’ Ride that we look forward to doing, in part, with Ireland, we leave the San Francisco Bay Area Sept 17 on our way to the epic American River Parkway and then Reno on our way to Washington DC per our schedule/scorecard HERE


       THX 4 all of U!! 



btw: Harrahs Sales and Marketing Director, Tina Doherty, is not only a lot Irish, but she read my book, Awake Again“! I told her I will sign her copy when we get there…


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