Folsom Hilton Busycle Demo Rides to End Fall Am River Ride

On Sunday Sept 18th our 6th annual American River Parkway (America’s best regional example of the National Bicycle Greenway we foresee) ride will start once again in Davis and end this year with Busycle demonstration rides at the stunning Folsom Garden Inn. A one hundred room Hilton hotel, this landmark lodging facility  is situated right on US 50 close to the light rail station. It is this location that will insure that  a wider range of northern Californians can park there and be a part of our fun. 


They can, for example, if they stay at the hotel, leave their vehicles there and take the train with their bike to meet us at various points along the way on our 45 mile ride up from Davis. They can even just come to this accommodation purveyor  and enjoy a ride on arguably the most photographed vehicle in the world, our Busycle, after having enjoyed a day in historic Folsom.  There they can enjoy a tour of the world’s first long distance power plant, its world class zoo and/or the shops and restaurants  of its  quaint downtown. 

Long a favorite ride for the HiWheel bikes of yesteryear, there will also be a contingent of Penny Farthings pedaling the riverway for people to wonder at. 

Too exciting. 

More info, including all the mayors that will be on hand with proclamations  at our schedule/scorecard.

            THX 4 all of U!! 

btw: Hear the American River Parkway podcast HERE



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