2012 USA/IRL Prelude: Bus/Busycle Fall Extension of 9th Annual Nat Mayors’ Ride

What follows is exciting news about the National Bicycle Greenway, including the soon upcoming Fall prelude to the USA/Ireland 2012 Mayors’ Ride !!


1 – 2012 USA/IRL prelude –  Fall extension of 9th Annual Nat Mayors’ Ride 

2 – Palo Alto to SF ride Fri 9/16  

3 – Tom Ayers to manage Berkeley to Emeryville 9/17 – also American River ride, Davis to Folsom Returns 9/18

4 – Mike Damon to manage Reno. 

5 – Colorado Springs new Mayors’ Ride city

6 – Indy Greenways Foundation to receive us

7 – Reser & pedicabs to receive us in Cincinnati w/CCC From city hall

8 – Glut to feed us in DC

9 – Meet NBG Supporter Oven Claw, Bill Leikam

10 –  New training blog.

11 – Overhaul for “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich” 

12 – New sponsor S&B Recumbents

13 – SUSTRANS Nat. Bike Network

14 –  Irish adopt a shoulder. 

1 – 2012 USA/IRL Mayors’ Ride Prelude:

As we continue to research what will be needed to to help Ireland rebuild its economy with a working model of a coast to coast Greenway here on the Emerald Isle, before we return with Irish cyclists for the 2012 season, the 2011 Mayors’ Ride will be done in two stages. We completed the first with last April’s tour of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Come Sept 16, we will make America and the international community aware of the next year’s USA/IRL/EAGLE/Bus/Busycle Mayors’ Ride with the two week 2011 Bus/Busycle Mayors’ Ride noted HERE

2 – The Fall tour noted above begins with our Sixth Annual HiWheel led tour of the San Francisco  peninsula with an Eagle led 35 mile ride from PA City Hall to San Francisco City Hall.  See  one of these rides HERE. PinggVite that you can use to sign up coming soon.

3 – After Tom Ayers, PhD, and architect Ron Bishop, get us from Berkeley City Hall to Emeryville City Hall, the next day, on Sunday, 9/17, we leave Davis, CA, America’s first bike city, for our our Sixth Annual ride up the American River Parkway. On what we feel is the best example of how a Greenway can transform America, region by region, before we end in Folsom, we will also have met the Mayors of Sacramento and Rancho Cordova. Listen to the American River Parkway story here (link). Look for a ride PinggVite soon. See one of these rides HERE.

4. Once we leave the Folsom that its Recreation Manager, Lynn LePage, has helped so much to transform (per the link above), we move on to a ride from Carson City to Reno, Nevada where Mike Damon is also developing a Busycle demonstration that Mayor Bob Cashell, who rode it in 2006, will once again be able to enjoy. 

5 – Because generous NBG Supporter, Kelvin Clark (podcast link) and his Angle Tech Cycle Shop (link) are there, in addition to the stops we annually make in Boulder and Denver, we are adding  Colorado Springs as a new Mayors’ Ride  city. An up and coming bike city, Colorado Springs also has offices for the bicycle component maker SRAM. They will help receive the Busycle when it gets there too !

6 – We have been in dialogue with the Indianapolis Greenways Foundation (link). They are excited about receiving us so we can help show off their world class Greenway infrastructure that has so transformed Indianapolis, once a dying Rust Belt city.

7 – Jason Reser (interview), of Reser Bicycle Outfitters (link), has begun to call out the troops for our visit to Cincinnati. We are working on a ride that will travel over the Ohio River across the epic Purple People Bridge (link) from historic Cincinnati City Hall to his shop just a few miles away in Newport, KY. Once again we look forward to pedicabs and dozens of cyclists from the Cincinnati Cycle Club and Queen City Bike  joining in.

8 – Once we reach Washington, DC, the Glut Food CoOp people tell us they will donate food as they did for us in 2000 for Cycle America 2000 (link)!

9 – We spent some time with fascinating NBG Supporter and long time Palo Alto, CA resident, Bill Leikam, maker of the Oven Claw. Hear his podcast here (link).

10 – At long last, I have put my training rides over here in Ireland on a blog. HERE it is.

11 – Since our new alignment with Ireland, is calling for it, I am updating my new book to reflect some of these changes. See: http://bikeroute.com/HBGR/OverviewHBGR.php 

12 –  S&B Recumbents has come on as a sponsor of our ride. See them HERE.

13 – We have been talking to the SUSTRANS people over in England where 25,000 miles of United Kingdom roads have been numbered and catalogued for the cyclist. While the roads in Northern Ireland fall into this, what they call the National Bicycle Network (NBN), because they are a part of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, on the other hand, does not have such mapping. Since Great Britain has seen an explosion in cycling because of the NBN, we hope that that we can help get such a system set up here in the non UK part that  makes up most of the Emerald Isle. 

14 – Once Ireland catalogues its roads, on those with certain traffic count thresholds we look forward to seeing if we can’t invoke an Adopt a Shoulder program similar to what we do in American to keep the shoulders of certain freeways free of debris. Here in Ireland, we foresee businesses paying to get their name associated with the needed and readily built asphalt road side extensions that would encourage users to make more of their travel trips under human power. 

           THX 4 all of U!! 



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