News Flash: Cars and Capitalism – Irish Prez to Cycle 112 ms

Busycle caretaker, Gerry Gras, informs me that at Palo Alto HS, tomorrow, Sunday June 19, at 11 AM, the Humanist Forum (schedule of events ) is hosting Cars and Capitalism. Authors, Yves Engler and Bianca Mugyenyi will discuss their new book:

fact-filled anthropological tour of the land of “Homo Automotivus”, and the first all-out global ecological critique of the American automobile addiction. WoW, not being in the  States, I miss stuff like this, ugh…….

And yet there again where else are you going to find the leader of a country going out on a century (plus 12 miles)? If only America was led by a real bullets cyclist like this.  Enda Kenny, Ireland’s Taoiseach (another name for their acting president), will once again roll the 112 mile, 28th annual Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle on July 2. A genuine bicyclist, it is no wonder he was so interested in my Eagle and looks forward to seeing if he can help make a Greenway real here in Ireland…..


more on Enda’s ride

more on the NBG in Ireland

  THX 4 all of U!! 




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