Baby Krieg due in July – NBG Plans International Ride


Since Baby Krieg is due in July, the truncated Mayors’ Ride we just completed for the San Francisco Bay Area has now become the prologue for something far more exciting Toward that end, from here on the Emerald Isle, instead of my solo cycling the USA this summer, the meetings I have been involved in are starting to bear propitious fruit. Soon, we will be recruiting riders while people are on their bikes for a 26-city, 2012 Mayors’ Ride that will be an international effort. In addition to Virginia and our new baby, this journey will include all those on both sides of the Atlantic who pedal all or part of the USA with us. 


What this means is that the half a dozen Irish cyclists playing a part in helping us rebuild Ireland with a Greenway of its own, will first be pedaling San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland to Washington DC, New York City and Boston with me, my new book, the Busycle and our GMC Rock Star bus next summer!! They will be joined by American cyclists on all those inter and intra-city rides they will be doing that connect them to each of our NBG Day city halls. 


Do stay tuned as dates and timings for soon upcoming promotions to be announced!


      THX 4 all of U!! 

Martin & Virgina



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