Sunfood, Sacred Chocolate, David Wolfe & Other Powerhouses Fueling Eagle/Busycle TransCon

We just did a podcast with one of our ride’s main sponsors, Sunfood, that is getting praise far and wide. And as Sunfood’s rocket fuels catapult my training to higher and stronger levels, its founder has started a new company, Sacred Chocolate, that will also be showing its worth as nutrition for high performance living. 


What’s more is that the man responsible for both exciting enterprises (to name a few from his portfolio) will be joined by Sacred Steve on our Mtn Movers Podcast series on St Patrick’s Day, March 17 (I will be doing the interview from Ireland no less), to talk about the sweets his new company makes. And how they can actually enhance athletic performance. Indeed this is a true honor. 




As a world renowned author and much in demand public speaker, David Wolfe is one of the leading minds of our times. One of the most influential people on the planet at this time, for a man not even in his middle years, David’s long list of achievements are already legendary. Just his background speaks for the promise of the better world he is creating. 


The son of two medical doctors, David has degrees in law, political science, living food nutrition and mechanical and environmental engineering. In his insatiable quest for knowledge, it was his travels deep into the jungles of South America that have placed his astonishing genius on the world stage. The result of which became the book, “Superfoods”, that has engendered a world wide movement around a resurrected group of foods long known by the ancients. 


“Superfoods”, a book which has birthed a new lexicon and innumerable new industries,  is almost as amazing as its author.  A man who knows no limits, David Wolfe knows the important part that food will play in making our National Bicycle Greenway real. He is working to advance the time when the general public’s consciousness has shifted to only eating the kinds of foods that add power to their lives. Soon, look forward to sitting at the feet of a true master here at




As we race toward our April 8 send off from San Jose City Hall, through our Mnt Movers Podcast series, I will keep showing you even more of the amazing people who are helping me make my upcoming Eagle HiWheel ride across America real.  Already, if you go to browse around here, you will see the new and enhanced podcasts we have been doing that now include both sound and pictures. Besides Sunfood, here we have interviews with Tim Brummer and Lightning Bikes, the fastest bicycle money can buy as well as with Jason Reser, a bike store owner who eats, sleeps and breathes bikes out in Cincinnati, OH. Dale Clark, one of the most fascinating bike shop owners I have ever had the privilege to visit with can also be heard here as well.


We also re-mastered our interview with another bike shop owner, Peter Stull of the Bicycle Man, in upstate NY, whose genius will also astound you as it makes you smile. Don’t miss Kirk Newell either. The interview we did with him will greatly inspire you as it shows you how small some of our own problems are in comparison.  I even had the opportunity to show you the man who has been safeguarding our 40 foot bus for the last year. As you listen to Don Armstrong, of Park Automotive, you will understand how the car mechanic of today is a highly skilled professional and how it has been Don’s honesty that has made him  a fixture in the demanding Palo Alto marketplace for four decades. 


I directed you to my wife’s podcast back when we first starting associating the sound files with pictures, but you can also find Virginia  here as well! 


Soon, I look forward to sharing our new USA Ride Manager, Shawn Raymond with you. An artist, engineer, promotional genius and mechanic, Shawn and I are scheduled to talk today. As such, do keep an eye on this space as it will be his mind that will be taking our Trans America effort to a whole new level!!


So much going on!! Back to all the excitement at hand…….


    THX 4 all of U!! 






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