NBG Sponsor Jason Reser, a Bike Shop Owner Who Bleeds Cycling

We went to Cincinnati, the city that Winston Churchill once called the most beautiful of America’s inland cities. to talk to the man who owns Reser Bicycles. Jason Reser is a passionate cyclist  who thrives on getting people into biking. Nor does he just want to sell a pedal machine. He gives lifetime free tune ups with every two wheeler he sells so his customers keep pedaling`!! 

Jason Reser
Jason at right w/brother and Des Moines Mayor 
 Preston Daniels during 2005 Mayors’ Ride 

<embed href="http://www.radio4all.net/files/NBG@bikeroute.com/1680-1-Reser.mp3″ scale=”aspect” src=”/mp3player/mp3_shell.png” autoplay=”false” type=”video/quicktime” height=”100″ controller=”false” target=”myself” width=”500″>

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