Book Excerpt: Sunfood – My No Limits Secret Weapon

The following is excerpted from m y new book “How America Can Bike and Grow Rich




Having been Car Free since 1989, instead of having to train many 

weeks or months for a long distance ride, my body now always 

feels conditioned for the long distance road. So much so that I’ll 

get out and occasionally roll the big miles without doing any 

advance preparation. Staying keen in such a way, however, 

requires more than just my hundred plus miles a week bike to live 

habit. I am very conscious about diet. My disciplined (discipline 

gives me freedom) weight lifting  practice, not to mention the daily 

yoga or the dance that I also regularly engage in, demand that I 

be even more careful about how I nourish myself.. 

And it has been pushing the physical envelope in this way 

that once forced me to begin taking vitamins when my long time 

vegan version of the Macrobiotic diet forced me into a meltdown. 

The lack of bio available protein in my ever higher concentrations 

of seaweed, soy products and other legumes, and grains had left 

me with arthritic elbow and shoulder joints. Finally, however, I 

discovered that instead of spending a hundred dollars a month on 

supplements, that animal proteins such as eggs, fish, whole 

organic milk and the occasional range fed chicken made my body 

whole once again. 

With the exception of milk, these are suggested as occasional 

foods in the macrobiotic diet, but I have found that when you are 

pushing the body to perform at higher and higher levels, one 

needs to increase their frequency and amount. However even 

those augmentations started to lose their effectiveness over time. 


The fact that this was due to our depleted and 

compromised planet made sense to me. I knew however there 

was a work around. So I kept looking for answers as I prepared to 

take the Eagle across America, Fortunately my prayers were 

answered when I  discovered Sunfood. And talk about rocket fuel. 


A company begun by David Wollfe, the nation’s leading voice  in 

the field of super nutrition, Sunfood’s products are rewriting the 

rule-book about our understanding of nutrition. And as such, they 

are now being discovered by those athletes looking for an edge.  

And as I use their products, it is through Sunfood that I am also 

constantly learning about new power foods.

On the training rides I did for my 2011 ride I hydrated myself with 

a powdered drink mix they make called Sun is Shining. A specially 

formulated seaweed mix, it not only quenched my thirst but it  

supplied the electrolytes that the sun leached from my body. It 

was by not replacing them that my urine had blood in it when I 

cycled the deserts of Nevada and the Bonneville Salt Flats on the 

Eagle in 2009. 


In addition to what I drank while on the bike, I began my day the 

same way I ended it – with delicious superfood shakes. And 

because they tasted so great and reenergized me so much, I 

drank them mostly with Sunfood supplied ingredients  as much as 

i could. To make them, I added: 


While cacao may not have specific  performance enhancing 

properties  like some of the others foods I mixed it with, it, when 

viewed as a food, in its raw form, it is loaded with vital nutrients. It 

is the highest natural source of iron, magnesium and chromium. 

This not to mention that it has the highest concentration of 

antioxidants of any food in the world. In addition, it is the only food 

that contains the endorphin Anandamide that relaxes the body 

after exercise. As such, it was my nightly RAW chocolate bar that 

rewarded me well for some of the punishment I pushed myself 

through. This can be further illustrated by the fact that for 40 

years, starting in the 1930’s, heart attack sufferers were injected 

with theobromine, the smooth muscle relaxant found in chocolate 

that also dilates blood vessels. 


To get all the benefits above, while I can use fruit juice and the 

Royal Jelly to neutralize the taste of the cacao and maca, I add 

cocoanut juice and bananas to fully supercharge a drink that 

actually keeps me from thinking about what I can eat next for 





To visit Sunfood, click on the image below:




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