Angle Lake Cyclery gets on 2011 NBG Bus & Busycle

Angle Lake Cyclery, a longtime, national giant in the recumbent bicycle industry, just came on with a logo position on the bus that leaves San Jose for Boston, May 2, per our soon to be finalized 2011 Mayors' Ride schedule HERE. Next summer, 26 different ??Mayor's offices and media markets will??also see the Angle Lake name??on the 19 foot banner that spreads above the 14 people who will be pedaling our Busycle??pictured below. If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, do make sure to get over to Seattle, WA and the Angle Lake bike shop. They have at least 50 different recumbents on the showroom floor and more than 20 of them are trikes!!


While the above is a picture of us at our destination, Como Esta Mexican food in Palo Alto, CA, here is a video of our ride to it:

In other news, the people at Blue Sky Cycle Carts will be putting their industrial ??sewing machines to work on creating a new front pak to replace the one you see pictured below. The handsome, securely mounted handlebar bag that will result will be seen on TVs and in newspapers all over America. And as it is, many millions of people will associate the advertiser who occupies that front most position on the 1891 Eagle with the coast to coast bicycle highway ??that will one day result…


To see all our advertisers, go HERE.

???? ?? ?? ????THX 4 all of U!!??


??????Martin Krieg ??Author??"Awake Again"

'79 TransCon upright '86 TransCon 'bent

???? ?? ?? ??'09 Eagle SF to Salt Lake City??

2011 w/"How America Can Bike & Grow Rich"

Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor ??

NBG Founding Director, HiWheel Cyclist

???? ?? ??Riding only active Eagle in world??

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??


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