John E Cabrera’s Powerful Donation Brings about new Direction for NBG!!


Actor/businessman John E Cabrera, donated the 40 foot bus ??to our organization for permanent use!! He had already made it available for us to use for this year's Mayor's Ride campaign.??This development is as powerful as it is exciting. As in, it expands our possibilities to a whole new before unthought level.

Sensitive being that he is, John E originally bought this epic machine when he did last November (on my birthday no less) because he felt it was the part he could play in making something much bigger than all of us real, the ??National Bicycle Greenway.

And now that he has, a sea change will soon be the result. Since it is now a vehicle we can use year round, we can make the Busycle available to communities all over the region and the Nation. This will give me more??recovery time from my accident, help me make up for all the training my broken wheels have cost me and let me get the bus better outfitted.

As such,??we will be using what is left of this summer not to focus on my Eagle HiWheel ride to Boston but to do a San Jose to Boston Mayors' Ride????tour that will spread the joy from one coast to the other ??of our 15 person smile invoker, the Busycle !!

Watch this space for a revised Busycle only Mayors' Ride????schedule as well as all the other appearances we will be able to make with the Busycle, ??as my book "Awake Again" also helps us spread the National Bicycle Greenway word!

As well, after I ??rewrite "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich" while I am in Ireland this Fall,??Virginia and??I will then be able to use the bus to call attention to my next summer's Eagle HiWheel crossing of America.

Since this year's Busycle Mayors' Ride tour of America will start with a ride on Sat, 7/31, sponsored in part by the City of San Jose from?? from San Jose City Hall to Palo Alto City Hall?? (to sign up) and be followed the next day (8/1) by our ??annual tour from Sacramento to Folsom (to sign up) on the epic American RIver?? Parkway, all of the advertisers you see listed at the end?? here will be getting two years for the price of one.

Anyone interested in advertising their business on the bus on the limited space that is left can come aboard ??for a two year run at no extra cost, by ??contacting me at the earliest date

Thank you John E. This is beyond what words can describe!!


Advertisers on 40-foot rolling billboard with the

two most photographed vehicles in the world


Food: Sunfood | GoMacro |??Kombucha Botanica |??Grainaisssance |??Wildwood | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables | Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

Bike:??Angle Tech |??Kirks Bike |?? | ??Bicycle Man |??Linear Recumbent |??Cardinal Bike |??Easy Street | T-Ryx | Gold Country Cycling | Wiz Wheelz | Rans | Bike Connection | Coventry Cycle Works | Rhoades Car | Light & Motion |??4130 Inc |?? S&B Recumbent | Lightning Cycle | Power On Cycling


Other:?? Adidas | Park Automotive |??Real Shades |??Mr Letter | Sustainable Home | Rocket Salon | Hayes European | Palo Alto Eyeworks | Greenquest – Ireland |??4130 Inc |?? S&B Recumbent


Individuals: Jim Spillane | John E Cabrera | Frank Flynn | Paul Gregg | John Oleary | Ron Bishop | Cathy & Wayne Douglass | David Erskine | John Dohner | Virginia Heneghan | Lori Yung | Don Looomis | Jeff Kistler | Grey Lowell | Shawn Raymond | Don Armstrong | Linda Berger | David Bijot | Rob Benson | Kitsten Flynn | Jim Thompson | Matt Criste | Gerry Gras | Dana St James


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