Stuck in the Flats with the Eagle

Since ??my foray into the hills ended on Wednesday with even more broken spokes, I determined that I had to stay closer to home where the roads are flat and ??friends are easily found or made. ??I started Thursday out, “making” spokes. By working to ??up the spoke count, as a result of my splinting spokes pieces together with a torch and silver solder, I am now only missing two spokes. And yet since too many spokes would stand between this pair (one spoke is two) as a result of all the ??mixing and matching I have had to do, I ??will need to wait until a new rim and spokes become available …….


Finally got the beautiful NBG logo art that, some while created for us on to the front of the bus. And the way that Scott Campbell created the URL below it, the bus looks like it is smiling at us.


Gerry Gras called me say the??beautiful ??cover we got for the Busycle from Empire Covers ??kept blowing off. I went over there today and snugged it all up with the clamps we got from Tom Kabat and Matin of?? These things are revolutionary. And yet not many people, I’m disccvering, know they even exist.??

In fact I had somewhat forgot that Rich Willits had installed the male part of the coupling on to our??Busycle a few years ago, And that is why I was talking so painfully much time tieing rope around our tarps to keep them on.??



Grip Clip??? Tarp Fasteners
That which holds it all together, Grip Clip??? tarp fasteners were designed to make our Yurt Domes but can be put to many other uses. If you decide to make your own floor out of a tarp, use 12 of the Light Fabric Grip Clips to secure the tarp to the walls of your Yurt Dome. This will keep the floor from sliding around. The General Purpose Grip Clip tarp fasteners can add more wind stability to the our standard Sun Shades. If you one or two Grip Clips with cords to the mid edge section of your Sun Shades and tie these out your Sun Shade will flap less in the wind. You can also make your own shelter tarps, canopies, sunshades, and windscreens instantly from any plastic sheeting or fabric. They can be used for joining panels of material together and/or for attaching anchor lines, without perforating the tarps or sheeting. They “button” on quickly and securely, yet can be removed and repositioned as you like. You will find endless uses for them about your Yurt Dome, at home, in the garden, while camping, and at construction sites. Almost indestructible and at times indispensable???, Grip Clips will help you create what you need.



The amazing Grip Clip. Here the female sits on a nob that is covered by the blue fabric you see pictured here


Saw Inventor an genius, Dan Bartsch, at the Post Office today. And he and I did not get a chance to really talk as one of his fans, Dr Franklin showed up as did Cathy and Wayne, You can see all five of us if you drill into the next picture in this micro gallery.


Steve at Mollie Stones Grocery store always makes me laugh. He remembers every cartoon series that played on TV in the 50’s and 60’s so well that he can tell you who most ??of the characters were and often knows many of ??the theme songs so well, he can sound them out with authority……


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