Helps Showcase the Fuel I Need

Soon, I will be able to represent two companies I feel honored to be able to work with. While Sunfood is raising the bar for what I can expect for this ride, it is the work of that really makes Sunfood and the rest of our advertisers  really stand out. And I’m talking crystal clear images that look great when looking at them from far and near!  


The jumbo Sunfood logo that will soon replace the one you see above did not lose a thing when it grew in size. If anything, its beauty is even more striking…. 

And just as Sunfood is worth it, so too are the other other food and drink providers who, THX to, also have a beautiful presence on the bus. As I condition my body for the colossal workload ahead, I have been using Amy & Brian Coconut Juice as the foundation for my energizing Sunfood smoothies. Amy & Brain will be am important partner when the deserts and heat ahead up my need for quality electrolytes. 

And it has been Maine Coast Sea Vegetables that has gotten not only the highest grade of sodium into my system (awesome seaweeds) but I have been feasting on their excellent Kelp Krunch bars and seasoning my rice with their tasty and nutritious spice like condiments. This as my fun food is not only delicious but it is good for me. As a day comes to a close, I make sure to savor every bite of the bars and cookies. Phenomenal stuff!!

   THX 4 all of U!! 



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