Busycle Still Faces Tow Threat – Still Need Riders as Must Move Again :(

For the first time ever, Facebook actually delivered! It found us five riders for Sunday!! But we still need nine more of you. We can make this quick work if we have a full bus. And do know it takes seven just to move it…….

We are taking it to the home that MIT educated mathematician and TransAM vet, Gerry Gras, shares with Danna St George less than a mile away. This photo you see of Gerry in his garden below, can be found ??along with some of the other bike color I blogged today at ??what I call "The Bicycle Face of Palo Alto". And I am seeing a lot more of our Tall Tree CIty because I cannot head for the hills on my broken Eagle any more. Until the insurance gets my bike fixed or replaced, I will be staying on flat roads not too far from Park Automotive (next to Frys) where the Eagle roosts……….


In case U missed it, here is why the??Busycle ??has to move -??

Car Kills Eagle – Busycle Faces Tow Threat – Must Move Again 😦

Even though this will mostly be seen by the nearly 1400 Facebook and Twitter friends I have, I am still only offering it not expecting much. I know by most, it will be seen as no more than entertainment, especially by the ones far from Palo Alto. I am however passing it along in the hopes there is one of U who might like to be a part of history, our??2010 SF to Boston??ride that is going to soon be the talk of the land.??

Bcuz my ride got postponed by the??car that destroyed my Eagle, instead of leaving last Sunday as I had planned, my trek has been pushed back to July. And the space it is in requires, for a number of reasons, that we move it ASAP. The car trailer I recently reserved for it to live on behind our bus is having a hard time getting down here from Chico. So if we can just get the Busycle moved, I won't be so hard under the gun to have to rely on that far away pulling device (the deposit is refundable).

And why not give my friends one last ride on it anyway as we save it from the towing yard?? Nor have I ever asked a one of U for $ and this machine has brought a ton of smiles and joy to many of U and to this community.

So who can be at??2045??Alma (near?? Santa Rita) this Sunday the 23rd at 9AM for a less than one mile Busycle ride?

THX 4 all of U!!


??I hope there is?? one of you who can give an hour of your time to pedal?? the Busycle?? the last time it will move on Palo Alto streets


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