Jean Quan receives 8th Mayors’ Ride 2 of 2

On the Bay side of 880, we stopped at the historic log cabin that Jack London wintered in up in Alaska ??when he collected a lot of the material for his wildly successful books.??


Oakland Vice Mayor and front runner for the 2010 Mayor’s seat in November.


She, Frank and Ron, ??posed with this artist who drew a picture of the Eagle and I as I stood with it.


Also at JL Square, the Chair of the Walk Oakland Bike Oakland coalition, Carli Paine was there. Ron introduced me. We took a picture,


Our ride ended at the Actual Cafe, on San Pablo in Oakland, where Sal Bednarz is a real bullets cyclist who even rides the 38′ Coker unicycle you see him pictured with below! His restaurant and nite spot even has a whole wall for bike parking!! And he might even let the world know about his awesome bike friendly eatery with an ad on on the bus!


The Oakland proclamation


Ron Bishop, the man, who, with Frank Flynn, made today the magic carpet ride it was!!


THX 4 all of U!!??



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