The Amazing People the Eagle Finds!

THX to (Jeff Kistler), pictured below, I had the Eagle out today, not for a training ride, because I can’t ride this damaged wheel very hard, but more for a see, thank and remind the locals here in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Mountain View, that we are still here.??


But not before I washed the bus. But to do that I had to repair the leak in the 100 foot hose I found headed for the dumps while riding behind Stanford and then asked John E Cabrera to retrieve. Well, Park Automotive Don suggested some 5/8″ pipe and his friend Tim, who was visiting, cut me a piece of copper pipe from the plumbing portion of his general contractor’s truck. After Don supplied a couple metal hose clamps, I had a working hose.

But Don was not finished. He asked me what I was going to use to do wash the bus. When I told him I had rags, dish soap and a pot, he whipped out a bucket, car wash soap and a soft brush affixed to a long pole. Armed with the right tools I was done in an hour instead of three. WoW. Don has such a huge heart. No wonder his customers have been with him for decades.

The road and my repaired Eagle were calling out to me. Even tho I stayed within ??a five mile range I still got a slow 20 mile ride in. And it was fun and marked by my giving out lots of flyers and meeting many interesting people.

Carol, below, for example, was walking along with a hula hoop spinning around her waist. I said hi and asked her how long she’d been doing that. When she said an hour, I stopped and got some other students to take the picture below.


The object of countless photos, here is some video ??that was taken of me getting on and off the bike in??the Stanford Church courtyard -??

I popped a spoke on the way home and here is the silver solder job I did to repair it –
And Jeff gave me a few galvanized spokes with nipples to use as splints so I was also just now to fill in some of the gaps where they are missing until we figure out what the insurance is going to do –
While that was today. On Friday,??Robert at Palo Alto Eyeworks, not only bought a logo on the bus but he convinced the people at Adidas Sportswear that they need to be there too!! ??Wow, an international advertiser to join Greenquest, another business concern that sells its services to the world. Soon, I will have a lot more to say about that exciting company too.


As for Robert, he cycles to his shop on California Ave, from Redwood City, a worthy ten miles away??a few times a week. And his fellow optometrist Dierdre McMahon rides in every day, year round from Sunnyvale, CA about 13 miles away. She is amazing and I want to do a whole podcast show on her commute cycling efforts when my ride is complete. She is that remarkable.
While I am on the topic of amazing people, like all those you see here, last nite Shawn Raymond helped me figure out what I need to communicate to the insurance people so I can not only get my bike fixed but how I can quantify and document the hardship this has caused both me and a ride that I have lived and breathed for the last three years……
Nor is Virginia Heneghan, my new riding and future life partner a slouch. Among the many other behind the scenes tasks and cycle training she is doing there in Ireland, she got the trike that donated for our ride loaded into an EBay auction, Here it is:
Spread the word!!
Too awesome!!
THX 4 all of U!!








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