Ride Postponed for 6 weeks

Dues to the unforeseen turn of events caused by the car that turned in front of me while I was on the Eagle, our ride to Boston will ??be pushed back six weeks. This extension will be needed to not only repair or even replace the damaged HiWheel ??but so we can do the best possible job ??of communicating our vision to America and the world. Since this historic ride will take place only this one time, ??we need to put our best foot forward ??in showing this Nation why we need to connect San Francisco and Boston with a Greenway so all of the rest of America will feel ??called to interconnect to it.??


As I wait to see what needs to happen with the Eagle and how much money Larry’s insurance can supply to help get us back on the road, I have been busy flow charting those tasks that will make the bus a dependable showcase of comfort, ??as well as what we have to do to ??fine tune the Busycle and trailer system that will pull it across the USA. ??These were ??jobs ??we could not do in the rain and cold of this last winter and spring.


In addition, a ??lot of our on line systems got roughed up when I rode the Eagle to Salt Lake City last summer so while I’m waiting?? they can be cleaned up. During the month of June, I will be?? ??bringing my fiance?? up to cross country speed. Virginia?? Heneghan has?? done ??a lot of behind the scenes work for our project during ??the long deprivation training I have endured for the last year to make this ride real.


As such, with the help of our sponsors come 7/3, the Eagle rides again! And as this ride once again soars, not only will Virginia be helping to build a much stronger foundation for our journey, but she will be riding with me too.


Too excited!!??


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