Eagle Destroyed – Car Turns in Front of Me – Yikes @#)

With 14 days to go, things have gotten very interesting. About a mile into a training ride, feeling strong and ready for maybe a??thirty miler, a car turned in front of me at Wilkie and Chatleston here in Palo Alto. Though bumped and bruised, I am OK. I even walked me and the broken Eagle back to the bus. However the wheel that many of you saw us so painstakingly rebuild, is destroyed. Ugh…….


Larry is smiling bcuz I am OK and stuff can be replaced ……

To make matters even more?? odd, I knew the guy. Larry and I used to study the “Course in Miracles”, a spiritual teaching, together. He was visibly upset until I told him my last name. He then told me was going to be calling me soon to invite me to come back to the study group he belongs to. Seeing that I was OK, we both laughed. And we agreed to give it to Spirit to sort out the details. So now it’s all about hmmmmm….


What to do?


He will get his insurance to pay for the damage, but I need to be out of here in just a couple weeks time. Tons of ‘what ifs’ are now before me. Do I just take the Busycle and make a shorter Mayors’ Ride campaign this year. And maybe do the Eagle as a stand alone ride next summer where I can really showcase the power of this Sunfood rocket fuel? Do I see if I Jim Spillane can come up with an entire 50″ Wheel that he can get reimbursed for not right away but once the insurance dust settles?






Something good will come of this!! And Larry great to see you again but did it have to be so dramatic?


?? ?? ?? ?? THX 4 all of U!!??


btw: Good thing I was on a HiWheel. All that wheel destruction you see would have been crushed legs and probable organ damage


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