18 Days of Yikes Left!!

We have reached that point in time where the foundation we have laid will hopefully make the next 18 days a powerful flow that bears strong results and not out of control frenzy. I will have the admit that next to the Eagle which ThX to Jim Spillane, Shawn Raymond and Jeff Kistler and many others, is running like a top, the cornerstone of the ride ahead has become Sunfood. If I would have it last year, I could have probably beat all the rain that swamped my ride, But this ??year is a different story. All of my training miles are strong, very close to full tilt….

I, however, didn't ride more than 30 or 40 miles this w/e as I was busy getting ride flyers out to all the peopled places I went to. Today, for example, I went to two different Farmers Markets, Mountain View, where I was a big celebrity and Palo Alto where I renewed old networks and kept my ride before a lot of those who know me. I also rode a couple of downtowns, Menlo Park and PA's University Ave downtown.

After all my riding was done, I got my packs looking black again. Not new, but black. Since they are both perfectly useful and are the result of several years of trial and error research. and I cannot run out and buy adequate replacements, here is what they now look like:


I was asking ??to Don at Park Automotive if they still sold car interior spray paint, when he got on the phone to one of his car parts suppliers and said let's find out. Sure enough, they still did but only in black. He ordered a can. It was at the bus the next day!! And the above paks will look great once I re-letter them and they get some sun on them as well. They'll look old but not faded……

Also put on a few more of the beautiful signs that MrLetter.com keeps pumping out for this journey. And we are talking so crystal clear that each time I pull off the protective coating I am inspired!!


Working backwards the weekend started with what I think was the last ride the??Busycle will make in Palo Alto. We rode it over to David and Kara Bajots place, We put on its Empire Cover and don't expect it to move again until we roll it on to a trailer. Kind of makes ?? ??me sad that a machine over which this city once bubbled became yet another ??throw away to be ignored and otherwise forsaken. Or is that just life? ??Well at least there is all of the rest of America to still discover the joy and fun that this thing is all about…….

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