Lori Yung gives our ride a New Face – New Go Power!!

Lori Yung the woman who has bailed me out of almost every tough web publishing scrape I have faced over the years, including resurrecting??NationalBicycleGreenway.com (now??http://NBG.BikeRoute.com) added the below to all of our web pages:

Palo Alto & San Francisco??5/15 |??Oakland & Berkeley??5/16 |??Napa??5/18 |??Davis??5/19 |??Sacto | Rancho Cordova | Folsom??5/22 |??Reno & Carson??5/28 |??Salt Lake??6/7 |??Boulder | Golden | Denver??6/14 |??Omaha??6/25 |??Des Moines??6/28 |??Chicago??7/5 |??Indianapolis??7/9 |??Cincinnati??7/12 |??Columbus??7/15 |??Pittsburgh??7/19 |??Washington DC??7/28 |??Baltimore??7/27 |Philadelphia??7/30 |??New York City??8/2 |??Boston??8/6

At first blush. one may say, what's the big deal? That looks like it should be there. And yet that is the point. It was Not and Has Not been on any of our pages over all the years we've been doing Mayors' Rides. Now, anywhere in our massive site, almost 2000 pages, one can always know where we are dedicating all of our resources – to the National Mayors' Ride – where it's going and where it stands. And make a visit!!

Even if they come in from a different portal, say a web search ??for a recumbent trike or any of the pieces I have authored about bike trailers, or TransAm cycling or from any of my books, even our free classified ads, etc etc, they will feel drawn to take a look at the also beautiful transformation that Lori is bringing about with our??Mayors' Ride schedule that all this points to!!??

WoW ??this is all too powerful and exciting!!

???? ?? ????THX 4 all of U!!??

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