T-Ryx donates $8,000 trike to NBG SF to Boston Ride!

T-Ryx, this nation’s genuinely humble largest trike dealer, is contributing this gorgeous, polished aluminum,??Hase Kettwiesel Fast racing trike??to our effort:


And here is what Recumbent Bike Riders, the authoritative voice of the recumbent industry??has to say about this epic machine:

Leave your rivals reeling: KettWiesel Fast. Fastidiously fast.

A purist delta trike with a powerful kick. Example: Shimano???s bar-end shifters are as small as they are ergonomic. Tune???s Fast Foot crankset is one of the lightest on the market. It holds a 52-tooth chainring and revolves around a Six Pack titanium bottom bracket. Mounted between the rear wheels are the high-end rear derailleur SRAM Force and the original Hase differential: Two driven wheels are more fun than one.

And the third wheel guarantees fun in the front, with only 16 super-light spokes. The rigid fork is made from fine carbon ??? as are the brake levers of the strong but ultralight Magura brakes.??

What could fit better to a polished aluminum frame than the matt black of carbon? With its 15 kg (33 lbs), the Fast is the lightest trike, and its design alone will have your heart racing: Drop the seat back, click into the pedals, and zoom off!

full article


So now we have to turn this amazing gift into money ??to pay our endless list of expenses. Who wants to help us make??8th Annual National Mayors’ Ride ??real by buying this beautiful machine from us? ??

Located near San Diego, T-Ryx is chock full of trikes for every budget and need. Do check them out and here is why I am so excited about trikes. As such then, when this present mission is complete, I am going back to 3-wheel cycling!! I so miss riding them……

???? ??Perfect love drives out fear – John 4:18
?? ?? ?? ?? Martin Krieg “Awake Again” Author
?? ’77 Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor ??
’79 TransCon Upright, 86 TransCon Recumbent
?? 2010 first to pedal Eagle HiWheel TransCon
??National Bicycle Greenway??Founding Director

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