Sponsor List & Back of the Bus Filling Up

In between rain drops and the needed training I have to do on the Eagle, we have been able to get more of the beautiful sign art that MrLetter.com has been producing for us on to the bus. And indeed it is becoming a notable sight to behold which by the time we leave will becomes so major spectacular you will be proud to say you are a part. And there is no reason why U can’t be. Details below the picture.


If you can help us with:

– Help wash the bus – we’ll be picking a date soon ??
– Sanding and painting on top of the bus at the trim??
– Replace a leaking slave cylinder on the engine??
– Mount hitch on the bus bumper for Busycle??

Graphic art help:
– We need a jumbo sign we can place in the front bus window that announces our purpose

Items Needed (a 3 month loan is fine):
– Air beds (as many as four)
– Hammocks
– Car trailer
– Propane reefer

We can list you as a Day Sponsor on the bus. Reply to hiwheeler@gmail.com if U can help with any of the above. Or if cash is an easier way for you to get aboard you can buy a half day at $100 or full day for $200 or whatever amount is comfortable for you ??at this link

Here is who is on our 40-foot rolling billboard that will tow ??the??two most photographed vehicles in the world across America in front of ten to 60 million people:??


Sponsors to 4/8/10:

Food: Sunfood | GoMacro |??Kombucha Botanica |??Grainaisssance |??Wildwood | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables | Johanna Thorn | Amy & Brian Coconut Juice


Bike:??Angle Tech |??Kirks Bike |??4130 Inc |?? S&B Recumbent |??Spoke123.com | ??Bicycle Man |??Linear Recumbent |??Cardinal Bike | Ines Brunn |??Easy Street | T-Ryx | Rapid Transit | Gold Country Cycling | Wiz Wheelz | Rans | Power On Cycling | Rowbike | Bike Connection??


Other: YoHost | Park Automotive |??Real Shades |??Mr Letter |?? Empire Covers | Mollie Stones | Nada Chair | Sustainable Home | Rocket Salon | Ebrary | La Moreneto??


Individuals: Jim Spillane | John E Cabrera | Frank Flynn | Paul Gregg | John Oleary | Ron Bishop | Cathy & Wayne Douglass ??| David Erskine | John Dohner | Virginia Heneghan | Lori Yung | Don Looomis | Jeff Kistler??| Grey Lowell | Shawn Raymond | Don Armstrong | Linda Berger | David Bijot | Rob Benson | Kitsteb Flynn | Jim Thompson | Matt Criste??


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