Why Sponsor our Ride with your Logo – 200 bux……

Now that the sun is out once again, we are starting to get some of our supporters on the bus……

Who Will see it?


Approx 6000 people are on my mailing list and that does not include the number of people on all the mailing lists (~10) I post to. I have almost 800 Facebook fans (with a large number of decision makers and ??influential people including city leaders and the like…..)??and daily post to Fan Pages that have many hundreds more. I run 6 active blogs. My Twitter posts reach 500 people a day. And if my ride to Salt Lake last summer was any indication, my subscriber, twitter and FB friend requests will increase at 5-10% a day…. At??http://BikeRoute.com ??and??http://nbg.bikeroute.com??we get 50K unique visitors a month now and expect that to easily quadruple this summer At present I can reach appprox 100,000 people. From past experience, I will be on TV one to five times a week where at least a million people will see me each time. This will place me before 10 ??million to 50 million viewers over the ten week trip..??

E me at hiwheeler@gmail.com to get on the Bus!!

THX 4 all of U!!


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