Night Eagle Breakthrough!! (36 days……..)

Thanx to Cateye, there is now a rear flasher I can run off the back of my Eagled seat. Here is what it looks like:


I used it to go to the gym and just got back. The bike rides awesome THX to the killer wheel work Jeff Kistler did. And floating along on the beautiful seat that Shawn Raymond created, is big whoaaa. All on the epic rim that world class machinist Jim Spillane made for the job I have before me. Too much joy!!

And did I tell U about the shoes Bike Connection outfitted my feet with? That will have to wait till I have more time. But for now, I do have to say, they are Big Magic!!


I came out to my bike and found this guy taking a picture of it. Indeed it is the most photographed bike in the world!

???? ?? ??36 days……..

btw: Hopefully Light and Motion will deliver on their offer to get me one of their awesome Stella brand head lights so I can do more at night here before I leave??




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