Busycle Busycle Busycle Farewell Countdown Ride……

By the time U read this there will only a little over 50 hours left before the smile invoking, 15-person??Busycle ??rolls again! As Dafne Sanchez's 14th birthday party, you are also invited to help us create the will needed to outfit with our Busycle????a new (or used) car cover now and a tow hitch and trailer to help get it on it's way to Boston with me when I bike from??San Francisco to Boston. And as I do I will become the first man to ride the last evolution of the high wheel bike, the backwards facing Eagle, across America.??

To sign up, go to:

???? ?? ?? http://NBG.pingg.com/TarpTrailerHitch

Even if U can't make it, tell your friends.??

If you want to see the build up for our??8th Annual National Mayors' Ride, you can follow our blog HERE . The Rock Star Bus, ??the 40 foot moving billboard that U can keep an eye on as sponsors fill the white space at Park Automotive at 3040 Park, leaves Palo Alto with the Busycle????on May 15th. It will meet the ??bike ride to??San Francisco City Hall ??that U are also invited to join (invite soon)…..

Here for example is today's news:??

Maine Coast Sea Veggies to Help Receive us in Boston and and and…….??

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??Excited &??THX 4 all of U!!??


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