Full Boat Busycle Rides 2- 27=2010

In the interest of time, I am experimenting with a new format for our ride reports. What you are seeing is an email that I am sending to Posterous.com. With the result being the blog you ??are now looking at.??

Today's ride may have covered three of four miles and saw lots of new faces coming and going from our machine. 2010 SF to Boston, Rock Star bus owner, John E Cabrera was there with his pigmy bike, the super chicken doll that we taped to the back of the bus and ??a killer sidewalk sign holder that we used to point people to the start.

Nitzele was there with brownies that everyone enjoyed and Dr Megan brought her also fun creating spirit and trail ??mix and popcorn for all ??of us to eat as well.

The rest of the story is told in the pictures and their captions below…

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????THX 4 all of U!!??


Here we see Nitzeli Sanchez
and Dr Megan Smith the main organizers of today's ride

They teamed up with actor, John E Cabrera to??
sure we had a blast today!!



We had a full boat with at least half a dozen seats??
that kept changin

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????

Jason Holbrook made a dunce cap out of the??
Busycle megaphone when he wasn't adding the??
power of two people



On this "ascent", the ride over Matadero Creek, we??
almost started rolling backwards…..

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Side view of today's riders??

We need a tarp!! It took me two hours
AFTER ??everyone left, to bootstrap this mess??
on to our machine……..

NBG Founding Director, HiWheel Cyclist


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