Lori Yung Saves 2010 Mayors’ Ride

Lori Yung, who long has been my world wide web mentor, helped me to regain control of the 2010??Mayors' Ride. She cleaned the code up at a page, the 2010 Mayors' Ride schedule, ??that has been eight years in the making. Seems my ride last summer placed a huge strain on the html and php that was telling the page how it should look on your computer screen.

Lori and I at the State Capitol event last May

This was so because I was updating it from a different server almost every day, From coffee shops to hotel rooms and the like, not only did this invite hundreds of lost dollars to disappear from my checking account as it also??wreaked havoc, as you may have seen, on the blogs I was running, it also introduced stray code and other unwanted sub routines to the web pages I was updating.

What a mess!! But Lori, web genius that she is, figured it all out. And now I can make changes and keep the 2010??Mayors' Ride current right from my own web editor!! Until Lori got me the fix I needed, every change I made looked fine here, but as soon as I FTP'ed it to my web serve.r it got corrupted. It was horrible.

But I am back on line now!

???? THX Lori Yung – U R the rockinest B E S T!!

btw: My ride to SLC cost me in so many ways. Besides the above, it beat my Eagle HiWheel up so bad I am still dealing with it and shot the poop out of my bank account. Do I wish I had not gone? No way!!??


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