wheel crack pics on the Eagle

Wow Clive!!

Thx so much for taking time with this!! And I am happy to see that u realize the impact this ride will have on the national cycling ctty. It is going to be huge!! And we do have to do it right!!

Toward that end, Tom Schoeniger of 4130inc.com bikes, and a master bike builder who studied under Dick Ryan, Jan Vandertuin, the Scholz brothers and etc will be tig welding the major cracks on Sunday. At which point Jeff Kistler, our Busycle mechanic magician will be rebuilding the wheel so I can train until the replacement rim gets here c/o the man who refabricated this the only Eagle in active use on the planet.

The world renowned MIT professor, David Gordon Wilson has been on these mailings. Being the esteemed author of “Bicycle Science” and man whose math made the Busycle real, I sense he has been quiet bcuz as Jim S keeps reminding me, 19th century wheels were built to a completely diff spec. The spokes (72) are supposed to be loose for example.

I also hAve Jobst Brandt, the “Bicycle Wheel” author on here, not in search of insight but as an FYI for him

Thx 4 all of u!!

On Feb 10, 2010, at 9:39 PM, Ernie Buckler wrote:

> Martin,
> Profusely hank whoever did send these pics, this is absolutely key > info and should’ve been sent out much earlier so we could’ve begun > proper action some time ago. Hate to tell you, but there is no > repair of this unless massive and complete, with brazed-in-place > shaped steel saddles, etc. The new wheel will have to have > something like that. You were half an inch from total collapse and > crashing at any moment. This rim is TOAST. If the tire is solid > rubber then it will have some structural strength, that’s ALL that’s > been saving you.
> To do this right you need a Univ. engineering department to do the > FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on the wheel structure, get them to > take it on as a grad student project with a Rush Important stamp on > it. Won’t take long once you find a prof who’ll do it. Then they > can start adding local stiffeners (washers or saddle plates) to see > what’s the lightest simplest additional steel that will solve it. > That’s what FEA does, allows experiments to be tried v. rapidly on > the computer, then apply stress to the wheel and see what areas turn > red, indicating failure, etc.
> You’re going across the U.S. on this machine, under the spotlight, > so to speak, it’s in everyone’s best interest to not have a wheel > failure.
> Again, Martin, we love you and all have a great desire for you to > succeed! Listen to me, above; consider this entire letter written > in Bold Caps and Red, it’s that important. You’ve ridden the Eagle > harder & faster than anyone else on the planet, and you’ve > discovered the design limits by exceeding them. No dishonor on the > builder, the machine was never expected to be ridden as you have > done. Now the goal is to get serious engineering talent behind > finding the solution ASAP. I’d even talk to David Gordan Wilson at > MIT, and if he’s retired, talk with him or Chester Kyle and get the > equivalent horsepower behind your request for assistance, as it > effects the entire cycling community. Stanford will have > engineering talent at this level, of course, merely a matter of > having the right entre’. But you’re v. good at that; you need to > pull out the stops and get this happening NOW.
> Hey, our wheel builder book author, Brandt! PERFECT!
> Clive
> On 2/10/2010 7:50 PM, Hiwheeler wrote:
>> Whoaa. I didn’t send out any wheel crack pix. Did u get them from >> jeff ??
>> Thx 4 u !!
>> On Feb 10, 2010, at 6:05 PM, Ernie Buckler >> wrote:
>>> Martin,
>>> Excellent information. This is very signifigant because all the >>> cracks start at the spoke holes. This tells where to start >>> designing a permanent solution. #10 washers may not be enough, >>> IMO. More later, gotta dash right now, but have da thinking cap >>> turned up to 9 on this one. I am even more adamant about not >>> riding this any farther than you want to walk and certainly no >>> place dangerous – tho I can’t imagine such a place on a high- >>> wheeler…[:oj Guess I’m just a sissy…[:oj
>>> Clive


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