2010 Eagle, Bus, Busycle Advisors & Staff

As input comes in fast and furious from all over rhe nation as to how we are going to get the Eagle back on the road, I have also been busy cobbling a list together of our valued staff and prestgious advisors.

John Cabrera – Publicist, Bus owner
Jeff Kistler – Eagle mechanic
Matt Criste – Eagle machinist
Tom Schoeniger. – Eagle welder
Nitzeli Sanchez Rodriguez – Busycle PR
Lori Yung – Web manager
Carla Laser – Publicist
Indigo – Operations consultant
Rob Benson – Bus Interior Architect
Ron Biahop – Architectectural Adviser & SF Bay Ride Logistician
John Oleary. – Bus Electrician / Crises Manager
Cathy & Wayne Douglas – Misc supplies
Linda Berger – Video narration, misc suppliesa
Barry Burr – Bus/Busycle Lighting
David Lagaschulte – PT Driver & VTA ybus consultant

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Martin Krieg
“Awake Again” Author
’79 & ’86 TransCon cyclist
2010 on Eagle w/Busycle & Book
Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death
Survivor. NBG Founding Director
HiWheel Cyclist



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