Lori Yung to Keep Mayors’ Ride Schedule Current!!

Lori Yung has agreed to keep our 2010 SF to Boston Mayors' Ride schedule current?? so I can focus on riding when all twelve wheels (the bus, Busycle and the Eagle) hit the road soon (May 14)?? here.

It will be a true honor to get to work with Lori on this. She is still far ahead of the curve where tech savvy is concerned. Back in 1994, she was coding web pages back when only the true college geek huses were the only ones with web domans. And they always has a tilde (~) in the url. She helped me get my first domain at a UCSC house for BikeRoute.com and it read

???????????????????????? http://www.armory.com/~bikerout

bcuz U were limited to 8 characters. I was so proud of it, I ran it on my bike's windscreen At a time when people thought they were seeing my CB radio call handle……

And over the years, Lori has often been the only with answers in those rare moments when I have gotten stuck.

??THX 4 U Lori!!

???????????????????????????????????????????????? Too exciting – Yahoo!!!!


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