2010 SF to Boston Bus, Busycle & Eagle Rate Card Complete

THX to the Johns, Cabrera and Oleary, I now have enough computer time to generate some pretty substantial work. This rate card,??for example,??the engine that will push all 12 wheels (Bus, Busycle and the Eagle) across the US next summer, gobbled up 9 very intense and focused hours on this last rainy Sunday and then another four of five yesterday and today. Based on a template from when I used to publish the pre-web Cycle America Regional Directories, it is complete with ad sizes and terms and conditions. If U want to see one, reply accordingly.??

The cost of logo positions on the Bus, Busycle and even my butpak and the Eagle handlebar pak are all covered.??

Day sponsors will get their name in 2 inch type on the bus. The $250 a day cost for our crew of four (more will come and go including Ines Brunn who will be performing on select parts of the ride) breaks down as follows: Driver 66/day, Food 150/day, Fuel 35/day??

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??THX 4 all of U!! ??

btw: The Eagle should be back on the road at about the time the rain lets up. Jim Spillane got the seat rebuilt and the ??spokes (12!) made and in the mail last Friday!! Yahooo!!


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