Oleary’s Magic, TV Feature , MrLetter, Eagle Returning, Open house, etc

??I begin with the heart of all this effort as represented by San Francisco bike activist Carla Laser when she had me on her TV show for last year's ride:


And she wants to help again! She wants me on her TV show again!!! Perhaps she can run some footage of the soon ahead work parties that we will be doing here with the bus. I'll let U know!!…

– In terms of work parties, since Robbie Benson is using the next three days ??to power out a professional schematic I can use to better enroll volunteer support ??and fill in the rate card blank I need to get this before advertisers and sponsors, we have no work scheduled over this weekend. However, there are 5 ceiling sheets that need to be reinstalled. Is there anyone here who can come with a cordless screw gun so we can get them up and out of the way? The more ??people, the faster and easier this job will be. Might take two people with the right tool, less than 20 minutes per sheet…….

– Johnny O found a manual for the bus!! Where I don't know. All I can say is he shot me an email yesterday to announce that he now has that important document on CD!! ??This man is truly from another dimension…..WoW!! We've had libraries on alert and people everywhere looking for one. Not even David L, from the VTA could locate one. Talk about whoaaaaaa……..

– Yesterday I ordered vinyl letters, some as tall as 13 inches, for the bus, Both sides, over a ten foot space will read the words BikeRoute.com!! They will be 8 inches tall on the back and owner Steve Kessler, of??MrLetter.com,??helped me figure out a way to stack them so they appear in the front upper left corner of the bus. In such a way the bikes that will be mounted on the front won't block it.??

This is breakthrough stuff for me since until I discovered??MrLetter.com, it was looking like 15 dollars a square foot to get our url ??on to the bus. Easily over $500 worth of signage. Along with the guilt of adding all that vinyl to the land fill. By just being able to order just the letters, we are not buying the added 60 to 70% of white space that surrounds each alpha character. ??Yahoo!! And Steve is major sharp and major fun. And since he is a cyclist, he gave me a discount and is ??shipping his work out today, priority, ??at no charge

– Curtains! Can anyone help here? Does anyone have an old set ??that needs a home? 7 to 8 feet tall. Eight feet wide……….

– The Eagle should be back on the road next week!! Around which expect the buzz for our effort to grow a lot louder. I talked to master machinist and world class engineer, Jim Spillane, yesterday and he is putting my spokes and spoke nipples and rebuilt seat in the mail today or tomorrow!! Yahoo! How exciting!!

– Complete with the Eagle,??BikeRoute.com??URL and Robbie Benson's professional rendering of what the inside will look like, John E Cabrera and I plan two Open Houses for the bus. ?? Before and After tours, these will satisfy all those of you who have been asking to see ??our amazing people mover…..

THX 4 all of U!! ?? ?? ?? ??


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