Projects, tasks, issues for trip with bus and buscycle

This is awesome!! Some great great ideas here. And believe me, this stuff is all much in my consciousness..

I am in the process of ordering 12 inch tall ?? lettering for the sides, front and back of the bus at??

Does anyone know a sign painter?'

And per your great response to this rough overview time line post of mine (I can forward a more in depth time line to anyone interested):
Vinyl?? end this mo.??
Sponsor sales start Feb.??
Interior done by end Feb. ?? ??
Busycle rides bi weekly start March.??
Ride begins 5/15


Sounds great. Need to get surfaces clean before applying vinyl. Soap and water and widex and bucket rags, ladder???

Tape measure

2 or more people to hold vinyl to make strait.


Might you like to come by next Thursday 1/21 ??to help me get them on? Anyone else?

Also Robbie is using this weekend to create what I know will be ??a beautiful schematic of what he foresees for how the inside of the bus will look!! It will be this I can use to attract funds and volunteer support!!

VTA David has a general manual for us and is still looking for one for our exact model and model year…….

???? ?? Yahoo!!

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??THX 4 all of U!! ??

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 9:54 AM, John Oleary <> wrote:

Martin ,

Here is a list I started.

1)?? Table tops or bunks will fold down not up. Easy to install this way.
2}?? Clothing storage??? Small closet or cabinet or duffel bags? Large duffel bags are cheap and easy.
3)?? Dry Food storage. Recycling bins, plastic tubs, cheap metal storage racks, milk crates,?? small boat hanging hammocks ,?? Hanging metal?? fruit baskets,
???????? Need to stow stuff neatly and secure. Maybe??by stacking milk crates and securing while traveling in bus. Must look neat and tidy when public is on board bus. Or hidden.
???????? Possible under table or bunks??with drape to cover it. May need one table or spot dedicated under for storage.
4)?? Same applies to cooking supplies, stove, water, portable toilet??, shower?? dishes, Duffel bags may work also.
5) Possible?? Luggage rack on top of bus. Yakima baskets rack will need ladder to get to it?? Expensive.
6)?? NGB Stuff and supplies place to stow all this. Neatly
7)??Large ice chest storage??????????????8)???? Fuel costs for bus??????????9)?? Food?? Costs????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
10)?? Towing?? Buscycle??? Another truck and or trailer and driver??? Fuel cost
11)?? Bus interior lighting and displays and bunks, museum?????????? 12)?? Crew and staff??expenses???????? 13) pc laptop, camera, electric stuff charging and power requirments.
14)?? Gps Mappin ????? 15) internet access on road??? Use Hot spots???

Many more thoughts I may have missed. But you get the idea. This should help to all aspects in order to plan out each task or issue.

Johnny O????


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