Teddy, a read deal cyclist dies (was Re: [sfbike] Re: [SVBC Penninsula] bike fatality Hillsdale KCBS)

The man in question was named Teddy (I know not his last name), a bike rider friend of Busycle and top Bay Area bike mechanic, Jeff Kistler. Teddy logged hundreds of thousands of miles on Bay Area roads and I would see him from time to time myself as he slowly but steadily ambled along. Jeff used to refer to him as the real deal and used to work on his bike for free out of respect for this man's commitment to cycling..

Jeff tells me that Teddy had recently been evicted from his housing through no fault of his own. ??Teddy did not get the bright lights and his efforts were not celebrated, but the virility of this man, in his late 70's, was testimony to the value of replacing car trips with bike trips…

As a side note, Jeff always warned me how dangerous this overpass was when I would come to visit him. Seems Teddy's death came less than ??a year before a bike overpass will be built and completed to obviate this troublesome way for cyclists to cross 101 on their way to Foster City and the other Baylands roads….

THX for you Tedddy. I will miss seeing you out there…

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