2010 SF to Boston Bus Arrives on my Birthday! Complete with Mini Adventure and Pictures……..

At 6 o;clock on Friday nite, after John E’s original driver bailed on him, he and I started working the phones. It wasn’t until we surrendered to God thinking that if it was His will for us to wait another day, we could do so that Romido, a Class A truck driver, all the way down in Morgan Hill, 40 miles away, showed up. John E found him on Craig’s List and we were both astounded at his excitement and how bad he wanted the work. In the let’s get it done, right N O W !!


Here he is driving the bus over the Dumbarton Bridge. Indeed, Romido was loving life. He said the bus was fun for him to drive and that it was a real runner!!

Nor could we have done the job without him. Besides driving it the 20 or so miles that he did, he helped us get it started and knew what was involved in getting the air brakes filled, even the 80 dollars worth of diesel it cost John E to  fill a small part of the gas tank. The other gotchas of getting this beautiful machine over to Philz Coffee so we can show it at today’s Busycle ride were innumerable. And once we got there, just parking it on the street was a large undertaking….


After one hundred more dollars for his work, all of us were happy

And we loved Romido who was a spirited and fun guy for the God Job he did for us!! He’s even an X-Games prospect who is ramping up to learn how to do a full somersault off a ramp on a motorcyle!!

Too awesome!!

       Thank you Universe! One adventure down, countless others to follow.

                      THX 4 all of U!!  

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