Full Speed Ahead! The 40 foot Bus will be at Philz Coffee tomorrow


The 3-up photo that you see here is for the flyer I will be handing out at the GreenFest in SF on Sunday..

JohnE Cabrera is so excited that he is calling today his birthday as he begins his new life as a Party Bus owner. Toward the end of which, he is readying for his Class B driver's license so he can drive our SF to Boston next summer. He is even throwing a birthday party for me and the bus tomorrow night at a movie theater he has access to, complete with live music even!??


The excitement ratchets up to a whole new level as we now go about the work of collecting sponsors for the advertisers who will appear on ??our bus and associated web pages. As well, there is the tow hitch it needs and yoga/interview room that will be built and bathroom and kitchen it will require and exciting etc, etc……

???? ?? ?? ?? ?? THX 4 all of U!! ??

??Perfect love drives out fear – John 4:18

??Martin Krieg "Awake Again" Author
?? '79 & '86 TransAmerica Bike Rides
Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor ??
2010 w/"How America Can Bike & Grow Rich"
?? http://www.BikeRoute.com/HBGR
NBG Founding Director, HiWheel Cyclist


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